Integrify 2021 Summer Update

2021 Summer Update

Starting in Summer 2021, we will begin upgrading customers to the latest Integrify experience.

This includes an upgraded interface and several enhancements.

  • Cleaner, faster, more responsive UI with less white space/more workspace.
  • Improved dashboard design tools
  • Improved search and filtering including groups
  • Navigation improvements

In addition, this new experience paves the way for the development of future features and tools that will become part of the Integrify ecosystem.

When it's time for your upgrade we will notify your administrators and provide a timeframe along with additional information about what to expect.

Please note that nothing will be required on your part for the upgrade. All your existing data, forms, process, dashboards, etc. will be right where you left them.

What's New

In addition to the new, improved interface, you'll find additional enhancements:


Improved filtering and search across the application.


Dashboard enhancements include a new HTML editor, screen profiles, and buttons.



Active session tracking.


SSO Settings wizard.


API Key Management and new API documentation via Swagger.


See additional My Request detail without having to open the request.


What's Moved?

In addition to an overall, sleeker, more modern look, we've done some shuffling of items in the interface.

We've added a new "Settings" gear icon in the upper right which contains many administrative functions.

Dashboards, System Settings, and System Messages have moved from the left navigation to this new Settings icon along with several other common administrative functions.



Report Scheduler and Process Scheduler are now under Administration in the left navigation.


Theme setting and My Profile are now under the Profile icon.



Help is now in the top navigation.



What's different?

To provide users with more working space, we've collapsed the left navigation by default. Just hover over the hamburger icon to expand. The flyout menu will stay open until you click.


In addition, Bookmarks/Recently Visited are collapsed by default, just hover over the bookmark icon to expand.