Managing Your Account

Managing your account is done through "My Account" icon in the top right of the application.

my account

Depending on how your administrators have set up your portal it will look something like this:

manage my account

You will be able to delegate any of your tasks, reset your password and make updates to your profile from here.

Update Your Profile

To update your profile, click on "Update my profile" in the My Profile widget show above. You will be able to change your name, phone number and select a time zone.


Reset Your Password

To change your password, click on the shortcut icon next to "Reset your password" in the My Profile widget shown above.

The screen will ask you to type in your new password twice.  Once you have done so, you can click "Submit" and your password will be changed.


Delegating Your Tasks

Delegating your tasks temporarily is covered in the Managing Your Tasks section here.