Starting a New Request

There are three primary methods to starting a new request:

  1. Searching for a Request
  2. Browse for a Request
  3. Using a Dashboard link

With the first two methods, you will be presented with a list of processes and descriptions (in a search results list or a category list) that you have been granted authority to start.

To start a request, just select "Start a Request" from the left navigation under "Actions."

start a request

Once you start a request, you'll see a list of "Categories." Expand the Categories by clicking on the ">" to the left of each Category as shown below.

start a new request

Any Requests you can start will be listed under the category. In the example above, we chose the Marketing Category and the "Marketing Collateral Request" to start.

To start the request, just click on the "play" button next to the name of the request.

Depending on how your administrator has set it up, upon starting the request, you may be presented with a screen that will allow you to enter a description of the request and/or submit the request on behalf of someone else.

If so, it may look something like this:


You will then be presented with a form or series of forms to complete. These are set up by your administrator to gather information for your request and ensure it is routed properly. For instance, here is a basic form for requesting collateral since that's the process we just started:


Once I complete the form I will be taken to the Request Detail screen. This screen is full of information about my request including a summary of the request, any open tasks for me or others, which forms were completed, and a complete history of all actions taken to fulfill my request:

request detail screen

You'll also notice two additional "tabs" above the Request Detail for "Flow View" and "Discussion."

The Flow View shows you all the steps or tasks that are part of fulfilling your request. We call this a "Process Flow" or "Process."


Any task that has been completed will be in color while those tasks that have not been completed will be shaded gray.

If you hover your cursor over any of the tasks that have been completed you will receive information such as the task name, when it was assigned, to whom it was assigned and its current status.



Finally, the "Discussion" tab allows any individual that is associated with the request (assigned a task to completed, received an email notification, etc.) add additional comments and even attachments to be associated with this one particular request:



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