When I change my process to a Testing or Production publish status, some notifications are not being sent to task recipients.

When a request is started using a process with a Testing or Production publish status, there are a few run-time differences.

If the first user-assigned task (form, approval, etc) in a process is assigned to the requester of the process, that user will not get a task assignment notification email.  This is because the user has already been presented with the task through the interface upon starting the request.  Integrify views this as the user being notified of the task assignment and does not send an email.  This also happens throughout a request when the next task is assigned to the last tasks's completer.  Note that this has no effect on reminder notifications if configured.

In Development mode, all notifications are sent, allowing the process development team to review what the notifications may look like when process is requested while in Testing or Production mode.

This is especially helpful when DeveloperReassign is turned on, allowing a single developer to be reassigned every task in a process.  The exception to this rule being that Dynamic Notification tasks will always send to the defined email address.