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Frequently Asked Questions

Integrify 2021 Summer Update

Creating a Table Maintenance Process

Adding Tables to Email Notifications

Assign Future Tasks with the Form Assigner

What is the PDF Generator Task?

Coalescing Data: An Advanced Integrify Technique

Embedding Calendars in Dashboards

Using Assigner Tasks

What Is Advanced Technical Support (ATS)?

The Difference Between a Requester and a Recipient

What Does "Create a Copy of this Request" Do?

Creating Ad-Hoc Related Requests

What is "Submit on Behalf of:" when starting a new request?

How do I enable AUTH for Integrify to redis communication?

Add a Custom Logo

How do I limit the allowed max file attachment size?

How do I force local communication within the application?

Can Integrify Pass Files into SharePoint?

What are Best Practices for Testing in Integrify?

How do I schedule a process?

What do I need to change when I load balance Integrify?

How do I import Active Directory users into Integrify using ADSync?

How is concurrency determined for my OnPremise installation?

Does Integrify support leap year dates?

Can we prevent a new request ID from being created until a task completed?

What browsers does Integrify support?

Can I migrate a group of requests from one version of a process to an updated version?

Is there any negative impact if we change the time_out configuration on a task in a process in status production?

Does the user_recent_activity store data when a user resets or re-assign a task?

Can I change the name of a milestone task on a process in production?

When an Integrify Administrator performs a task resets or redo-completion, is there a logging table where this information is stored?

Is there a way to edit the name of a request after it has been submitted?

What is the best practice for archiving request data (e.g. attachments)?

I would like to set a report to run from a set date say (1/1/15) through the current day (Today). How can I set my report to do that automatically?

Can HTML forms be hosted outside the Integrify portal?

Can we authenticate with SAML when hosting HTML forms outside the Integrify Portal?

I forgot my password.

Is there any way to configure account lockout rules?

How do you edit Request Description and other fields after the workflow has started?

How to Configure Dynamic Task and Request Names?

Does Integrify support two factor authentication?

Do notifications get sent out to users that have been disabled?

Where are the logs for my OnPremise installation, what do they contain, and what should I look out for?

How to Clear Your Browser Cache

How can I extract grid data to add it to custom tables?

When to Version a Production Workflow

How can I paste spreadsheet rows into a grid?

How do I force a user to change their password on the next login?

Upgrading Your Select List Fields (Step-By-Step Guide)


Why are notifications from our cloud instance being dropped, blocked or marked as spam?

Why am I not receiving scheduled reports?

When I run a command directly on the server, it works fine. However when run from the Command line task type, it fails.

When I export to PDF some fields are blank even though the formatted view shows those boxes as completed.

When I change my process to a Testing or Production publish status, some notifications are not being sent to task recipients.

My request won't flow to the next task.

Integrify will not allow me to assign a whole group to an initialized task.