Job Posting

This process can be downloaded and imported into your Integrify instance. The downloadable .json file is at the bottom of this page. Directions for importing processes.

This Job Posting Process App is a workflow process that can be linked to your website for external users to fill out. This process will begin when an interested applicant reaches your website and chooses to apply. 

The initial form has a drop-down of available positions, text fields for contact information, and attachment options for a resume and cover letter.

After the form is completed, it'll be passed to HR for initial approval, routed to a hiring manager, and then back to HR for a final interview screening. This process has configured tasks and notification settings and includes completed email templates with approval display notifications configured. 

As with all other process apps, you need to configure your recipients and make additional adjustments as you see fit.





Note: Processes are zipped for easier download. Click here more information on using zip files.

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