Workflow Templates


Charitable Giving Assessment

City Permit Request

Fence Permit Application

Pet Licensing

Recreational Sports Team Signup

Volunteer Request

Cross Departmental

Business Card Order

Simple Document Review

Training Request

Travel Request


Capital Expenditure Request (CER)

Capital Expenditure Request (CER) with Advanced Form

Employee Reimbursement Request

General Finance Department Request

Invoice Approval

New Vendor Request

Vendor Invoice Approval & Payment Process



Human Resources

Background Check

Education Assistance Request

Employee Change Request

Employee Offboarding

Employee Onboarding

Holiday Party Planning Process

Job Posting

Leave of Absence Request

New Hire Request

On The Job Training

Performance Review Process

Request for Paid Time Off (PTO)

Time Sheet Approval


IT Hardware Request

IT Support Ticket Process

IT Project Request

New User Request

User Access Request

Create User

IT: Software Change Request


Client Matter Intake

Contract Review and Approval Process

Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)


Marketing Collateral Request


Corrective Action Preventive Action Process App

Customer Feedback Process

Field Service Request

Headquarters Meeting Request

Idea Management

Maintenance Request

New Product Request

Parts Rental Check-In / Check-Out

Product Return Request

Visitor Log Book Check In Process


PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Request

Safety Incident Reporting


Price Quote Request

Pricing Discount Request

Sales Lead Process

Lambda Examples

Sharepoint File Upload