Sales Lead Process

This process can be downloaded and imported into your Integrify instance. The downloadable .json file is at the bottom of this page. Directions for importing processes.

This process allows your marketing/sales department to publish a guest form to their Web site to collect inbound leads. This process provides a consistent, dynamic way to ensure new leads are assigned and handled promptly while giving Sales Reps all the information they need to work on new opportunities.

  1. A lead submits a request on a guest form.
  2. The lead is sent to a Thank You page using the Open URL task.
  3. The lead form is then assigned to a Business Developer based on the state entered into the form.
  4. The Business Developer contacts the lead and completes the BD Lead Form, which includes a “Qualification” field and an Opportunity amount.
  5. If the lead is qualified, it is passed to a Sales Representative based on the Opportunity Amount (SMB, Midsize, Enterprise).
  6. The Sales Representative then contacts the lead and either disqualifies it or creates an Opportunity.


Once the lead has completed the form, their information is routed to a business developer, who contacts the lead and completes the qualification form above.


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