Creating a Public-Facing Form and Guest Users

In Integrify, public form users are limited in functionality.

Function Public/Guest User User Extended User Admin
Initiate a Request/Submit Forms


Yes Yes Yes
Receive Email Notifications Yes Yes Yes Yes
Provide An Approval No Yes Yes Yes
Log into the Portal No Yes Yes Yes
Get Assigned Tasks No Yes Yes Yes
Edit a Request No Yes Yes Yes
See the Standard Integrify Interface No Yes Yes Yes
View Own Requests No Yes Yes Yes
Monitor Requests No No Yes Yes
Manage Requests No No No Yes
Create/Edit Processes and Forms No No No Yes
Create/Edit Users, Groups, Categories No No No Yes
View/Create/Edit Reports and Dashboards No No No Yes
Manage System Settings No No No Yes

Note: Admins can limit Integrify User access to the above functions.

Everyday use cases involve collecting information from a larger public audience.

  • A company collecting information from customers
  • A city collecting information from citizens
  • A university collecting information from students.

Setting Up a Public-Facing Form

  1. Set the system setting “Allow Guest” to “yes.”

2. Set the first form task in the process to be completed by the Requester role.


Add the Guest Account to the list of allowed users for the process you want public users to use.This will be in the Set Roles and Permissions menu on the Process Detail page of the process.The role should allow the users in it to have Run permission in Production publication status.You should be able to use an existing role.

From the workflow’s Process Detail menu (in the administrative view of the process), open the Links/API Options menu.

Find and copy the link labeled “Link to start the process using the Guest Account (Requires "Run" permissions for the Guest User Account)." This is the link to share publicly. 

Note: The default landing page cannot be customized after the user submits the guest form.

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