System Settings

Certain system-wide settings are configurable within the Integrify interface. To view and edit these settings hover over the Settings gear icon in the upper right-hand corner and click System Settings.


If you want to change the values for any of the settings, simply click on the Edit pencil icon for the row of the property and value you want to modify.  A window will open for you to make and save your settings.  Select Save from this window to save your new value for the associated setting.


The table below offers some explanation for each Setting:

Setting Value Description
AllowClient Yes/No Controls ability to make requests on others behalf
AllowGuest Yes/No Built in guest account control.
AllowImpersonation Yes/No For web service only: allows authentication to web service with username only - allowing consumer to impersonate any account (should only be used with service running in a secure environment with limited access).
AllowManageTaskReports Yes/No Allows administrative users to use new column types in standard reports that provide request management functions similar to Manage Requests. Click here for more information on creating a "Manage Task" report
Connection   Connection string information to connect to the Integrify database.
Custom Theme   Customizable Theme Colors. Click here for more information on custom themes.
DeveloperReassign Yes/No Allows for one developer to test a process in development status.  Yes = Automatically assign all tasks to requester for processes with a publish status of Development.  No = Do not reassign tasks to requester.
EmailLinkURL URL This URL is used in formatting email notifications, i.e.  http://{EmailLinkURL}/.  Users will see and click on this link to be sent into Integrify.
EmailServer Short Text Name of the email server Integrify will send any notifications to.
ErrorEmail Email Address Email address that the system will send errors to.
ExposeRequestRecords Yes/No Expose request records to end users
GlobalDateFormat default: dd-MMM-yyyy h:mm:ss tt

String used to customize the date format. (Global Date Format)

Sample formats (case sensitive):

"MM-dd-yyyy h:mm:ss tt" for "month-day-year hour:minute:seconds am/pm" (ex: 11-30-2021 5:30:01 AM)

"yyyy-MM-dd h:mm:ss tt" for "year-month-day hour:minute:seconds am/pm" (ex: 2022-01-31 2:30:01 PM)

HelpEmail Email Address Legacy Feature. Value field should remain blank.
HelpPhone Phone # Legacy Feature. Value field should remain blank.
HelpURL URL Legacy Feature. Value field should remain blank.
HostHeader URL The base URL of the site, i.e.
ID Short Text Name of the instance (must match license name)
InactivityLogoutMinutes Number Number of minutes before user is logged out for inactivity.  Please set this value to a positive integer (whole number). For this feature to take effect, cloud customers should wait overnight  for an application reset and on-premise customers should restart the application via the On-premise manager. This feature works only for sites that have not implemented SSO.
LogoUrl URL Relative path to logo image
PrivateComments Yes/No Controls whether private comments are allowed.
PWD_HISTORY Number Number of historical passwords to retain for non-duplication policy
PWD_HISTORY_ACTIVE 1 = On, 0 = Off Flag to turn password history on or off.
RestrictedBrowsers Short Text List of restricted browsers
RestrictedBrowsersMessage Short Text Message for restricted browsers in HTML format
ServiceURL URL Base URL for service site
SystemEmail Email Address Email address that Integrify will send emails from, i.e.
Theme Select List Name of an optional directory in App_Themes, to customize appearance.
UserRegistrationProcess SID SID value for custom user registration process (a process that allows users to self-register