Admin Guide

Getting Started

The Path to a Successful Process Implementation

Preparing for Process Automation

Getting End-Users to Use Your Workflow System

New Trial User Step-by-Step

Actions Menu

Manage Requests

Monitor Requests


Process Library Overview

Create a New Process

Process Importing

Process Menu: Process Builder

Process Menu: Task Tab

Process Menu: Request Detail Config

Process Menu: KPIs

Process Menu: Process Detail

Process Menu: Run Request

Process Menu: Discussion Tab

Process Menu: Flow View

Task Overview

Creating a Task

Task Menu Options

Task Menu: Edit Detail

Task Menu: Configure Rules

Task Menu: Display Settings

Task Menu: Notification Settings

Task Menu: Reminders and Timeouts

Task Menu: Advanced Settings

Task Menu: Dynamic Names

Task Menu: Recipients

Task Menu: Assignment Settings

Task Menu: Recipient Rules

Complete List of Task Types

Standard Task: Approval Task

Approval Task: Approval by Email

Approval Task: Approval with Comments

Approval Task: Displaying Forms in an Approval

Approval Task: Previous Approvers

Standard Task: Counter Task

Standard Task: Data Container

Standard Task: Dynamic Assigner

Standard Task: Dynamic Notification

Standard Task: Excel Batch

Standard Task: Excel Import

Standard Task: Form Task

Standard Tasks: Form Prefills

Standard Task: Form Assigner

Standard Task: FTP Push Task

Standard Task: General Notification

Standard Task: Launch Request

Standard Task: Local File Copy

Standard Task: Milestone

Standard Task: Open URL

Standard Task: PDF Generator

Standard Task: PDF Merge

Standard Task: Task Assigner

Integration Task: Command Line

Standard Task: Task Scheduler

Standard Task: User Profile

Integration Task: Database Pull

Integration Task: Database Push

Integration Task: Rest Client

Integration Task: Web Service

Integration Task: Lambda

Integration Task: Local File Copy


Forms Overview

Create a New Form

Create Form Questions

Edit Form Questions

Contact Search Question

Form Preview and Editor

Form Rules (Show / Hide)

Calculations in Forms

Importing and Exporting Forms

Form Templates

Using the Grid Question

Set Up a Request Record

CSS Styles in Forms

Developer Form

Calendar Field

Adding Attachments to Forms

Reports and KPIs

Reports Overview

Planning Reports

Creating Reports

Report Filters

Report Limits

Report Chart Options

Report Columns

The Manage Task Report Column

Manage Task Reports

KPI Overview

Defining Process KPIs

Displaying KPIs for an Individual Request

Adding Process KPIs to a Dashboard

Users, Groups, and Categories

Active and Inactive Users

Add Users


Creating a Public-Facing Form and Guest Users



Replace Users

User Self-Registration

View/Edit/Search Users

System Utilities

System Utilities Overview


Email Monitors


Business Hours

Database Sources

System Messages

System Settings

Password Settings


Single Sign-On (SSO)

On-Premise Installation

On-Premise System Requirements

Development Resources

Overview for Developers

Integrify Architecture

API Information

Integrify Security Overview

Integrify AWS Private Cloud Infrastructure

JavaScript Help

Creating New Dashboard Widgets

Title 21 CFR Part 11 (FDA Regulated) Compliance

Integrify 508 Compliance

Introduction to Schedules

Process Scheduler

Report Scheduler

Permissions and Roles