Does Integrify integrate with Microsoft products?

Integrify and Microsoft Overview

Organizations rely on Microsoft applications for collecting and sharing data across their enterprise. There are various Microsoft products we have integrated with, including Sharepoint, Excel, Dynamics, and SSO. Leveraging the power of Integrify with existing technology allows for a streamlined end-user experience and auditing and tracking of processes within your organization.


You can allow users to upload a file to Sharepoint as part of any process using an AWS Lambda function. This function will push a file uploaded in an Integrify process to a destination folder in Sharepoint.


  • You will need a process with at least one form task before the lambda function task.
  • Including an Integrify form on your process that captures username, password, and an attachment field to upload your Sharepoint file.


  • Enter your SharePoint credentials, upload your file to the initial form, and then submit.
  • This AWS Lambda function, when run successfully, will return a URL to the file uploaded to SharePoint.

Microsoft Office, Excel

The seamless integration between Integrify and Excel allows you to create a process in which you import an existing spreadsheet, map the cells to data fields on a web form, and use this data to drive workflow decisions. Another possible integration is automatically capturing and importing records to your Excel sheet based on a form that was filled out.


  • An Excel sheet for your existing processes for capturing data.


  • Excel Import: Integrify allows you to create a process in which you import an existing spreadsheet, map the cells to data fields on a web form, and then continue to optimize further and automate using Integrify's workflow development toolkit.
    • Design a simple form in Integrify that contains the same fields from the Excel document that you'd like to be filled in.
    • In Integrify, you'd configure an Excel Import task and map similar fields together.
    • This process takes the data from spreadsheets you're already using, moves the data into our online platform, and uses this data to drive workflow decisions.
  • Excel Batch: A powerful workflow task that allows you to submit a single Excel sheet with the relevant data for each record. Integrify will seamlessly capture each row of data as a new request in the system, eliminating any unnecessary keying in of data and clerical errors.
    • Create an Excel spreadsheet with rows of records that need to be created as workflow instances in Integrify.
    • Map the columns in the spreadsheet to fields on the form in the process you’re looking to launch in batch using an Excel Batch task.
    • Launch the Excel Batch process and upload any spreadsheet with matching columns to launch child requests, instantly completing the form task and bringing the data into the Integrify platform to begin further processing and data-driven workflow routing.

Microsoft Dynamics

Integrify Team and customer's internal resource designed multiple solutions that utilized Integrify's API. This was able to:

  • Automatically trigger an Integrify request from MS Dynamics when a member of internal sales submits the opportunity
  • Workflow data is available between Integrify database and the customer's data lake
  • Power BI utilizes real-time data in the data lake as requests are updated.

Active Directory/SSO

Single sign-on (SSO) is a session and user authentication service that allows users to use one login combination across multiple applications. Integrify offers integration with SSO/ADFS/SAML2.0.


  • This option delegates authentication to your IDP using the standard HTTP POST SAML2.0 flow.
  • Integrify will initiate an AUTHN request to your IDP and redirect the user to your authentication endpoint.
  • Your IDP will authenticate the user and then cause the user's browser to post a SAML Assertion with the user's profile information to the Integrify ACS URL.
  • Integrify will validate the SAML Assertion with the signing certificate provided by the IDP.
  • If Valid, Integrify will provision the user or update the user's Integrify profile if it already exists.

Microsoft Word/PowerPoint

Using a Lambda function, you can fill a docx or pptx template with Integrify data. For example, push Integrify user and class data into a Word or PowerPoint document to create a certification document based on completed training.