Frequently Asked Questions

Add a Custom Logo

Adding Tables to Email Notifications

Assign Future Tasks with the Form Assigner

Can HTML forms be hosted outside the Integrify portal?

Can I change the name of a milestone task on a process in production?

Can I migrate a group of requests from one version of a process to an updated version?

Can Integrify Pass Files into SharePoint?

Can we authenticate with SAML when hosting HTML forms outside the Integrify Portal?

Can we prevent a new request ID from being created until a task completed?

Coalescing Data: An Advanced Integrify Technique

Creating Ad-Hoc Related Requests

Creating a Table Maintenance Process

Does the user_recent_activity store data when a user resets or re-assign a task?

Does Integrify support two factor authentication?

Does Integrify support leap year dates?

Do notifications get sent out to users that have been disabled?

Embedding Calendars in Dashboards

How do I limit the allowed max file attachment size?

How do I force local communication within the application?

How do I enable AUTH for Integrify to redis communication?

How is user concurrency determined for my installation?

How do I force a user to change their password on the next login?

How can I extract grid data to add it to custom tables?

How do I import Active Directory users into Integrify using ADSync?

How Do I Make The Lines In A Process Straight?

How can I paste spreadsheet rows into a grid?

How do I schedule a process?

How do you edit Request Description and other fields after the workflow has started?

How to Clear Your Browser Cache

How to Configure Dynamic Task and Request Names?

I forgot my password.

Is there a way to edit the name of a request after it has been submitted?

Is there any negative impact if we change the time_out configuration on a task in a process in status production?

I would like to set a report to run from a set date say (1/1/15) through the current day (Today). How can I set my report to do that automatically?

Is there any way to configure account lockout rules?

The Difference Between a Requester and a Recipient

Upgrading Your Select List Fields (Step-By-Step Guide)

Using Assigner Tasks

What Does "Create a Copy of this Request" Do?

What is "Submit on Behalf of:" when starting a new request?

What are Best Practices for Testing in Integrify?

What do I need to change when I load balance Integrify?

What browsers does Integrify support?

What is the PDF Generator Task?

What Is Advanced Technical Support (ATS)?

When an Integrify Administrator performs a task resets or redo-completion, is there a logging table where this information is stored?

What is the best practice for archiving request data (e.g. attachments)?

When to Version a Production Workflow

Where are the logs for my OnPremise installation, what do they contain, and what should I look out for?

Using The Excel Import Task to Enhance Your Automation

Does Integrify integrate with Microsoft products?