User Self-Registration

Note: You can download a sample User Registration Process under "Attachments" at the bottom of this page.

To support user self-registration, create a new workflow/process:

  1. Create a process with an initial Form Task that has been configured with a form that includes at least the First Name, Last Name, Email, Username and Password fields. Assign ‘Requester’ as the dynamic recipient of the form task.
  2. Optionally include any approval tasks, etc. in your process.
  3. Include a "User Profile" task type. Configure the task to select the initial form task as shown below:
  4. Select the ‘Create a new user from data’ field.
  5. Select the ‘Profile Mappings’ tab and add ‘Add Mapping’ to map data that was entered by the requester completing the initial form task to the user profile fields. See below:
  6. When done adding the # of mappings you want, select ‘Close’.
  7. Move the process into the Production status and make note of the Process ID from the Process Detail tab.
  8. Select ‘System Config’ from within System Settings in the left-side navigation pane.
  9. Add the Process SID to the UserRegistrationProcess setting (under "Advanced") as shown below:
  10. You will be prompted with the following:
    *** You may optionally update the system cache at this time. If you do so, the setting(s) change will take place immediately.
    If you choose NOT to update the system cache now, the setting(s) change will be updated the next time the Application Pool is restarted on your web server.
    If you have updated the Connection, ID, or LicenseKey values it could potentially make your system inoperable if those values are incorrect. ***
  11. Select Update System Cache. This will activate the login page with a "Register Now" option for users that do not have access to the system.