Visitor Log Book Check In Process

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Does your organization have a paper book that a guest writes their information on when they arrive at your facility? Have you ever been to a company that has a Visitor Logbook? Who looks at that book and what purpose does it really serve? The purpose of the visitor log book is a great idea, but using a paper book to keep track of visitors coming to & leaving your facility is lacking. With Integrify’s new Visitor Log Book workflow template, you will have a real-time view of all guests in your building at any time.

This process provides:

  • Increased security
    You know exactly who is in the building and can keep a historical record of all guests
  • Increased safety
    In the event of an emergency, Integrify real-time reporting can be digitally viewed to ensure all guests are safe & accounted for.
  • Increased transparency
    Companywide, it could be broadcast of a special guest, vendor, or customer that will be in your building
  • Increased professionalism
    Notifications are sent via email to alert the staff member of their guest's arrival in real-time. No longer are calls needed, which allow your front desk staff to continue multi-tasking
  • Automation
    If your organization has an unmanned reception area, this workflow can be kicked by the guest when they arrived
  • A good first impression
    What a great first impression to give your visitor, by ditching the tried & true paper logbook to show them your forward-thinking technology by utilizing this workflow



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