Form Templates

Form Templates allow you to save and re-use groups of formatted fields. Once created, Form Templates can be dragged and dropped into any form during the design process.

Common examples of Form Templates include headers/footers and commonly-used field groups like contact information (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, etc.)

Create a Form Template

Go to Administration > Forms from the left navigation. Click on Add Form.

Name the template and select an appropriate category. The description is optional but helpful to include.

create form template

Create your template using the Form Builder the same way you would a regular form.

Save your new template by clicking on "Detail" in the top navigation and then clicking "Save as Template."

save form template

Delete a Form Template

To delete a template, go to Administration/Forms and click on the View button at the top to switch over to Templates.

Expand the tree list to find the Template you wish to delete and click on the "Open Form" icon to open it. In the upper right, you'll see a Trashcan icon. Click on this icon to delete the template. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion.


Use a Form Template

To use a Form Template in your Form, open your form, expand the "Templates" section in the left Form Builder navigation. Then click on "Load Template."

load template

Navigate to the Form Template you want to use via the tree structure. Click on the document icon.

find form template

select form template icon

You'll now see the template is loaded.

form template loaded

Drag and drop the loaded Form Template onto your form.

Note: The template fields you're adding to the form may have identical client (field) IDs to existing fields in the form. You'll be prompted to generate new, unique IDs for the new fields you're adding. You'll want to do this in most cases.

Export Form Templates / Import Form Templates

Form templates can be exported and imported for use in other processes and instances.

To export a Form Template, open the template and click on "Detail" in the upper navigation.


Once in the form's Detail page, click on "Export" and save the exported form template (it will be saved as a .json file).


You will be able to import this file from the main Forms page by clicking on "View"  "Add New Template..."

select view templates

...and then select "Import."

import form template