How can I paste spreadsheet rows into a grid?


When an end-user has a lot of line items to add to a form grid, especially when the items already exist in a spreadsheet, it would be easier to simply copy the rows of items from a spreadsheet into the grid.

With some javascript and a custom form, you can do just that. Here we provide an example of how to do it. Download the .JSON file and Excel example below to try it out. You'll need some familiarity with javascript to customize the example for your own unique use case.

To paste spreadsheet rows into a grid, copy data from a spreadsheet and paste it into the rich text field (drop zone). If the data has the same column layout as the grid, there should be a successful amount of rows in the grid.

Downloadable Example

Right-click and save the files to your desktop. Import the .json file as a new form. Use the Excel file to test cutting and pasting into the drop zone on the form.