What Is Advanced Technical Support (ATS)?

Taking Integrify Beyond a Standard Installation

We know our customers sometimes want more than a standard Integrify installation to meet the needs of their technical environment or business requirements. To help accommodate these additional needs, Integrify can provide Advanced Technical Support.

Standard trouble tickets that are support-related are not billable.

What Advanced Technical Support Covers

For all Types of Licenses

  • Installation and configuration of the SAML Client add-on (SSO)
  • Integrify database schema consultation (for Reporting, DB tasks, DB
    bound question types)
  • Advanced troubleshooting of non-bug related Integrify issues
  • User import assistance
  • Any configuration changes to out-of-the-box Integrify*
  • Technical consultations related to Integrify via phone/desktop sharing

For Cloud Licenses

  • Database Access and Administration tasks
  • Application of specific access security policies

For On-Premise Licenses

  • Integrify Application installations
  • Integrify Application updates
  • Integrify Application migration to a new host

* Using the Integrify internal user database for authentication and all other standard installed defaults.

Purchasing ATS Hours

Advanced Technical Support (ATS) can be purchased to support additional technical setup and configuration. ATS hours can be purchased individually or in blocks at a discount.

  • 4-hour block – prepaid @ $800 to be used at their discretion
  • Per hour basis @ $240/hour (charged per 15-minute increments)

ATS hours can be purchased through your account manager or through our support system.

NOTE: After-hours support is charged at time and a half. Normal business hours are 8 am-6 pm EST.