Can HTML forms be hosted outside the Integrify portal?

Integrify customers can host HTML forms outside of the Integrify Portal if needed. Nothing special needed. HTML forms can post to our API or customers can use the Widget API with a guest account.

Configure any form to be completed by the Guest account to use the special "Requester" recipient. If you assign the Guest account directly, the form task will autocomplete without waiting for input.

You also need to set the system setting labeled "AllowGuest" to yes. Cloud customers need to wait overnight for this setting to take effect, while on-premise customers can reset their application at a convenient time to allow this setting to take effect.

An example of the code needed can be found here: The base code for any process can be found on the "Process Details" page of the process by clicking on the "Links/API Options" menu and copying the text under the "Embed the form that starts this process in an external site/app" label. You will need to update the options.guest = "WidgetDemo" to use your current Integrify license name. The license name is generally the leading part of the URL you use to access your cloud instance of Integrify. On-premise customers can get their license name (if you don't recall it) by requesting it from the Integrify support site.

Also, be sure to grant appropriate permissions to the Guest account to the process and the current publication status (i.e., grant Guest run permission for "Development" status if the process has a publication status of Development. Detailed directions for configuring a process to work with the guest account can be found here: Configure a process to work with the Guest account.