How do I enable AUTH for Integrify to redis communication?

The following configuration files will allow you to utilize AUTH in connectivity between the Integrify application and the redis server.

  1. Configure the redis server

    Change your redis.conf file to include the following line:
    requirepass "thisisthepw"
    Make sure you swap "thisisthepw" with your desired password
  2. Configure Integrify

    Change your integirfy\app\webserver\server-config.json, adding password: thisisthepw to the redis section similar to the following:
    redis : {
       "address" : "",
       "port" : 6379,
       "password" : "thisisthepw"
    Configure your integrify\app\settings\settings.config file, adding the following appkey:
    <add key="redis_password" value="thisisthepw" />
    Again, make sure you swap "thisisthepw" with your desired password
  3. If your redis server is remote to the Integrify application server, restart redis for the config file changes to take effect
  4. Restart integrify using the OnPremise Manager for the Integrify application changes to take effect.