Creating Ad-Hoc Related Requests

This article is intended to familiarize you with the "Create ad-hoc" related requests process option.

Use Case: Why Would I Use Ad-Hoc Related Requests?

Let's say that you are onboarding a new hire and need to set this person up with payroll and configure network/building access for them. Now let's say these three processes were all built separately in Integrify so ordinarily there would be no way to "bundle" these related processes together.

With "Related Requests" you are able to launch one of the three requests and then create ad-hoc child requests for the other two. This is very handy for keeping track of all these parallel but related requests.


The Related Requests option is actually two features in one:

  1. You can designate an existing request as the parent of the current request.
  2. You can designate a new child request for the current request.

There are no restrictions on which request or processes this can be done with. Note that a request can be a parent to any number of child requests, but a child request can only have one parent.

Also, note that multiple child requests can be launched by using the launch request task, which is documented here.

To Configure

This feature is controlled on a process-by-process basis and can be activated via the Process Detail menu as shown below.


To implement, create a new request in this process. Navigate to the request detail to select new request and possibly to designate parent of the current request.

Create a new parent relationship


To create a new parent relationship, click on "Select Parent For This Request" and select from the list of existing requests as shown below. You may not choose a request as its own parent, and you will receive a system message if you try. You may be prompted to save the current task as a draft if your current task is a form. After you select a parent request, this menu will no longer be visible on this request.


Create a new child request for the current request

If you choose to create a new child request, you will be presented with the dialog below, which helps you choose which process to start as a child request. You can use this dialog to search for processes by name or by manually choosing a process. Click on the circular button with the arrow on it to select a process to start.