Integration Task: Database Pull

The Database Pull task enables customers to create custom, parameterized queries that execute within a process and retrieve query results into a form within the process.

Once the Database Pull query results are mapped to a form, all tasks within that process have access to the data that was pulled in. This allows to you define tasks and routing rules based on any piece of data from Integrify or external systems.

  • Pull data from external systems into a form within Integrify.
  • Define tasks and routing rules based on any piece of data from external systems or Integrify itself.
  • Save time and effort normally spent reviewing information residing outside a process and performing manual data entry.

Configuring the Database Pull Task

Step by Step Guide

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to configure the Database Pull task. 

For example, you have a need to edit an applicant's contact information. After the initial form is submitted, a Database Pull (Lookup Applicant Data) task is configured to retrieve the applicant's contact information: