Process Library Overview

Create a New Process

Process Importing

Process Menu: Process Builder

Process Menu: Task Tab

Process Menu: Request Detail Config

Process Menu: KPIs

Process Menu: Process Detail

Process Detail: Set Roles & Permissions

Process Detail: Links/API Options

Process Detail: Copying/Exporting/Version

Process Detail: Form Questions

Process Detail: Deleting a Process

Process Detail: Publish Status

Process Detail: Allowing Ad-hoc Related Requests

Process Menu: Run Request

Process Menu: Discussion Tab

Process Menu: Flow View

Task Overview

Creating a Task

Task Menu Options

Task Menu: Edit Detail

Task Menu: Configure Rules

Task Menu: Display Settings

Task Menu: Notification Settings

Task Menu: Reminders and Timeouts

Task Menu: Advanced Settings

Task Menu: Dynamic Names

Task Menu: Recipients

Task Menu: Assignment Settings

Task Menu: Recipient Rules

Complete List of Task Types

Standard Task: Approval Task

Approval Task: Approval by Email

Approval Task: Approval with Comments

Approval Task: Displaying Forms in an Approval

Approval Task: Previous Approvers

Standard Task: Counter Task

Standard Task: Data Container

Standard Task: Dynamic Assigner

Standard Task: Dynamic Notification

Standard Task: Excel Batch

Standard Task: Excel Import

Standard Task: Form Task

Standard Tasks: Form Prefills

Standard Task: Form Assigner

Standard Task: FTP Push Task

Standard Task: General Notification

Standard Task: Launch Request

Standard Task: Local File Copy

Standard Task: Milestone

Standard Task: Open URL

Standard Task: PDF Generator

Standard Task: PDF Merge

Standard Task: Task Assigner

Integration Task: Command Line

Standard Task: Task Scheduler

Standard Task: User Profile

Integration Task: Database Pull

Integration Task: Database Push

Integration Task: Rest Client

Integration Task: Web Service

Integration Task: Lambda

Upload File to Sharepoint

Integration Task: Local File Copy

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